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 BY Nick Licata

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MAX-efi 500 closeup
LS Engine, Big-Block Look by Lokar
Steel bellhousing by Speedway Motors
1. MAX-efi 500
Summit Racing’s MAX-efi 500 Fuel Injection System makes converting from a carburetor to EFI virtually a “no-brainer.” Capable of supporting up to 500 hp, the MAX-efi 500 features a four-injector aluminum throttle body that bolts to most four-barrel carburetor intake manifolds and uses the factory-style throttle linkage. The throttle body has integral fuel rails and also houses the Temperature Manifold Absolute Pressure (TMAP), intake air temperature and throttle position sensors, and the idle air control motor. The self-tuning ECU continually adjusts fuel delivery to provide the optimum air/fuel ratio under all climate and altitude conditions and has a self-adjusting “limp home” mode to protect your engine if a sensor fails.
For more information, contact Summit Racing Equipment at (800) 230-3030 or visit
2. LS Engine, Big-Block Look
LS Classic Series by Lokar recently introduced a full line of parts and accessories designed to give your LS engine a vintage look. Among these parts are their new valve covers, which have the appearance of a classic Chevy big-block from the ’60s and ’70s. The scaled-down cast aluminum valve covers are available in a raw finish, chrome, or Chevy orange and bolt directly onto LS cylinder heads with no adapters. Only 2 inches tall, they come complete with a ported PCV fitting, internal baffle, screw-in oil cap, and all associated fasteners and hardware.
For more information, contact Lokar Performance Products at (865) 824-9767 or visit
3. Getting Connected
If you are installing a classic Muncie or Saginaw transmission in your project, Speedway Motors can help with the bellhousing to connect your transmission to your Chevy engine. This steel bellhousing works with both small- and big-block Chevy engines to allow the use of Muncie/Saginaw-style transmissions. They are a great choice for your street rod, muscle car, race car, or truck project where you do not need an SFI-rated bellhousing.
For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or visit
Parts Bin Products 4-6
Nova Control Panel by Vintage Air
Ultimate Hybrid Car Care Products by Mothers'
LS Blower Bracket by Vortech
4. Nova Control Panel
Vintage Air announces the release of its new bolt-in replacement control panel for 1966-1967 Chevrolet Novas. The control panels are designed to replace the factory controls and operate Vintage Air Gen IV systems. The new Vintage Air bolt-in control panel upgrades the functionality of their climate-control system and improves the look of their dash. Machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, the control panel features LED backlighting, an A/C mode indicator, and variable slide adjustments for fan speed, temperature, and air delivery, and is available in machine finish or black anodized. The panel mounts in the OEM dash and includes new mounting hardware and a wiring harness.
For more information, contact Vintage Air at (800) 862-6658 or visit
5. Ultimate Hybrid Car Care Products
Mothers’ all-new line of Ultimate Hybrid products combines the ease-of-use of traditional carnauba wax with the benefit of nano-ceramic technology—all while providing a timeless, liquidy-gloss shine. It’s a balanced blend of advanced science and traditional car care. It’s the best of both worlds, the ultimate balance, the Ultimate Hybrid. Ultimate Hybrid Products include Ceramic Wax, Ceramic Spray Wax, Ceramic Detailer & Bead Booster, and 1-Step Ceramic Clay & Coat.
For more information, contact Mothers by visiting
6. LS Blower Bracket
Vortech Superchargers continues to push the limits and offer even more power options to racers with a new Billet Mounting Bracket Assembly engineered to install the respected V-30 Centrifugal Supercharger onto Chevrolet LS engines. The V-30s have proven to be a reliable, efficient, and consistent supercharger even under the harshest racing conditions and is designed exclusively for modified performance engines that desire extreme boost. The Vortech Superchargers V-30 Mounting Bracket Assembly give drag racers and auto enthusiasts an edge over the competition. Kits range from the V-30 94A supporting 1,400-plus horsepower, up to the V-30 123A supporting up to 2,800-plus horsepower.
For more information, contact Vortech Superchargers at (808) 247-0226 or visit