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fter about a year of dealing with all sorts of uncertainty due to the pandemic (I’m fine with never hearing that word again), it looks like we are finally getting back to something that resembles some sort of normalcy. Normal in the sense that events and car shows are back, or are going to soon be back in business. As of this writing, it’s late March and we are getting word that most canceled 2020 car shows are back on the 2021 calendar—many with adjusted dates.

That’s great news, as the hot rod and muscle car hobby doesn’t exist exclusively in shops, garages, online, or on social media, although the Web and social media outlets did get us through some tough times while stuck at home dodging a virus.

If you are like me, there is a good chance you are itching to get out to a show, drag race, or any sort of event that involves socializing, driving, and showing your hot rod with like-minded folks.

Over the past few months, event promoters have been shuffling their schedules in order to get the “green light” to open the gates. We’ll soon be out there taking photos and selling subscriptions at various Goodguys events across the country, so if you see our In The Garage Media pop-up tent, say “hi” and be sure to start or update your subscription to All Chevy Performance, Modern Rodding, and Classic Truck Performance magazines.

With the re-opening of events that also means we’ll be keeping an eye out for cars to feature in our magazines. The Internet and social media has helped us stay in tune with a lot of new builds happening, but there’s nothing like seeing the latest projects in person. We love the sound of a healthy Chevy muscle car screaming down a dragstrip or winding through autocross cones on the ‘limiter begging for a gear shift as the scent of tortured tires feeds our senses. Ahh! The smell we once took for granted can once again be enjoyed on a regular basis. Not that I have anything against tires, it’s just that they need to be treated the way they were intended. Besides, there’s no need to risk letting them exceed their “use-by” date, either.

So, with the event scene about to bust wide open, we’ll be covering a bunch of car shows and various autocross events, such as Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car series and Holley’s LS Fests. You’ll be able to find those event highlights in All Chevy Performance magazine, posted at and on our social media channels, too. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @allchevyperformance and on Facebook at All Chevy Performance.

With that said, it’s time to change the oil, check the fluids, and burn some rubber.

Light ’em up. We are coming into the 2021 event season hot —so hot we can smell the rubber coming off this page.
Photo by Tommy Lee Byrd
Vintage truck "burning rubber", causing lots of smoke
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