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 BY Nick Licata
Parts Bin products June 2021
Force Fuel Sump System by FiTech
Big-Block Chevy Stud Kit by Arp-Bolts
Camaro Chin Spoiler by Speedway Motors
1. Mini Force Be With You
The popularity of the Force Fuel Sump System has spurred the demand for an even smaller version to fit cramped engine compartments. FiTech now offers the new Force Fuel Mini. Like the other Force Fuel Systems, the Mini is fed through a low-pressure mechanical (or electric) pump, saving the need to modify the entire fuel system. The reservoir of the Mini is equipped with an efficient 255-lph pump and internal regulator to provide a consistent 58 psi of fuel pressure for your EFI system. To make installing the Mini easier, its mounting bracket is designed to be installed in four positions. The Force Fuel Mini is supplied with a high-pressure fuel hose, AN fittings, a liquid-filled gauge, 10-micron filter, and a return line bung.
For more information, check out FiTech Fuel Injection by calling (951) 340-2624 or visit
2. Big-Block Chevy Stud Kit
The automotive aftermarket continues to embrace the popular big-block Chevrolet engine, as new cylinder head configurations and block designs are introduced on an ongoing basis. Fastener manufacturer ARP has recently introduced kits designed for use with Dart Pro 20-degree, Edelbrock Big Victor 12-degree, and Big Victor 24-degree aluminum cylinder heads. Manufactured from premium-grade 8740 steel and heat-treated to 190,000-psi tensile strength, they are ideally suited for many engine combinations. The threads are rolled (not cut) following heat treat and have 10 times better fatigue life than studs made through ordinary methods. Like all ARP fasteners, they are manufactured in-house at the company’s California facilities.
For more information, check out ARP by calling (800) 826-3045 or visit
3. Camaro Chin Spoiler
Speedway Motors is proud to introduce this top-of-the-line, bolt-on front chin spoiler for your 1967-1968 F-body (Camaro or Firebird). This spoiler is made from lightweight carbon-fiber material to give your car an updated, performance look to help take the appearance of your car to the next level.
For more information, check out Speedway Motors by calling (800) 979-0122 or visit
Parts Bin products June 2021
Interior Battery Disconnect Lever Kit by Lokar Performance Products
Electronic Cutouts by Patriot Exhaust Systems
Coilover Shocks by Summit Racing
4. Get Disconnected
Lokar Performance Products’ Interior Battery Disconnect Lever Kit is the safest and quickest way to shut off all electrical power right from the driver seat. The red anodized billet aluminum hand lever is designed for quick visual recognition and quick actuation. Compatible with fire system kill switches, each kit comes standard with an 8-foot push/pull cable with additional cable lengths available. Manufactured in the U.S., each kit is available for B&M Pro Ratchet, Thunder Stick, Outlaw, Lightning, ST Quarter Stick shifters, as well as versions for floor mount applications.
For more information, check out Lokar Performance Products by calling (877) 469-7440 or visit
5. Wireless Cutouts
Out for a cruise or on the track, Patriot Exhaust Electronic Cutouts give you complete control over the sound of your exhaust with a wireless remote that features a simple, two-wire hookup. Patriot’s leak-free, butterfly design cutouts are available in 2.5- and 3-inch diameters and sold as dual or single systems. Their stainless steel construction resists rust and corrosion while boasting superior strength and good looks. This bolt-in system requires no welding of the Y-pipe, fits a broad range of applications, and allows for clearance on lowered vehicles.
For more information, check out Patriot Exhaust Systems by calling (909) 599-5955 or visit
6. Handling Options
With 324 possible compression and rebound adjustments, from cushy-ride soft to full-race stiff for maximum handling, Summit Racing Coilover Shocks let you dial in the handling and ride you want. The twin-tube, double-adjustable shocks have lightweight aluminum bodies, precision-machined aluminum pistons, and centerless-ground, hard chrome-plated piston rods. Mounting hardware is included. You’re going to need coil springs for your new shocks. Summit Racing’s Coilover Springs are CNC machine-coiled from high-strength chrome silicon steel alloy wire and preset for extra durability. The springs are available in ratings from
95 to 650 lb/in.
For more information, check out Summit Racing Equipment by calling (800) 230-3030 or visit