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Mighty Mite Pro Street-Style '64 Nova SS
Pressing Information
Improperly Seated
Rod Bolts = Rapid
Unplanned Engine Disassembly
How It’s Made
Inside a Borgeson
Saginaw-Style Power
Steering Box
Pressing Information
Improperly Seated Rod Bolts = Rapid Unplanned Engine Disassembly
How It’s Made
Inside a Borgeson Saginaw-Style Power Steering Box
We  Blew  It!  … And Our Small-Block Gained 165 hp
September 2023
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Make It Yours. Make It Lokar. Modern Performance. Classic Style. Endless Options.
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All Chevy Performance September 2023 cover
On the Cover
Mark Krzystofczyk purchased his ’64 Nova back in 1981. It’s gone through numerous transformations over the years, and while the car is still evolving, Mark says he loves it today just as much as he did when he laid down $1,500 for it over 42 years ago. Check out the full feature on this stout Nova starting on page 16.
Photos by Wes Allison
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Mark Krzystofczyk’s ’64 Nova SS
Steve Hofferber’s ’70 Chevelle
Hoonigans’ ’88 Camaro
Dave & Connie Gagnon’s ’69 Camaro
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Frank Ward’s ’72 Camaro
We Push Vortech’s New Third-Generation Blower Kit for the Small-Block Chevy to its Limits to Find out Just How Much it can Take
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Power Steering for Tri-Five Chevys
Offset Fix on the ’58-64 Chevy Chassis
What We Learned After our Small-Block Exploded
Old-School, Heads-Up Drag Racing From the Southeast Gassers Association
Gasser showdown race
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orange camaro with black racing stripes
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13" & 14" Performance Big Brake Kits
Corvette-Style Spindle Wheel Brake Kits
CPP Premium Steering Columns & Power Steering Conversion Kits
Complete 13" Front & 12" Rear Big Brake Kits
Fuel-Injection Tanks & Systems
Subframe Connectors & Fully Adjustable
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orange car with CPP decal on side
Proven on the Track! text
True Original Offset Wheel Brake Kits
12" Front Disc Brake Kits
Hydraulic Assist Systems & Vacuum Assist Combo Kits
Electronic Throttle Pedal & Bracket Kit
Coil-Over Conversion & Tubular Control Arms Suspension Systems
Superior Braking Performance & Complete Pro-Touring Suspension Packages
High-Clearance/Pro-Touring Sway Bar Kits
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A square portrait photograph of Nick Licata posing for a picture with his arms crossed


The Great Cover-Up

hen it comes to being the editor of this here magazine, important decision-making is part of the job. That includes choosing the cars we feature and what technical and event articles make it to print. One of the most important decisions, though, is determining which of the feature cars make each issue’s cover. Basically, the idea is to use a car that best represents the magazine’s overall direction, while at the same time using an impactful, attention-grabbing image.

ACP department heading PARTS BIN
Affordable Airflow, Monoblock Beadlocks, LS Classic Series “Distributor” Kit
1. Affordable Airflow
No need to spend a lot of money for power-building airflow. Summit Racing Precision Cast Cylinder Heads are cast from A356 aluminum using Permanent Mold “as-cast” technology that precisely locates runners and combustion chambers for airflow that rivals CNC-ported cylinder heads. These cylinder heads are finish-assembled in the USA with top-quality components like PAC Racing Springs, ARP fasteners, one-piece 21 4N stainless steel valves, machined locks, Viton seals, and chromoly steel retainers. You won’t find a better big-block, small-block, or LS Cathedral Port cylinder head for the price.
ACP White typography CHEVY CONCEPTS
’67 Chevrolet Impala

Text & Rendering by Tavis Highlander

’67 Chevrolet Impala
Four-Door Hardtop
Vehicle Owner: Brandon Roeber
Vehicle Builder: Controlled Khaos Customs, Friendswood, Texas

ontrolled Khaos Customs will be transforming this big cruiser into a modernized four-door grand touring machine. With beautifully uninterrupted hardtop lines, this Impala will be able to accommodate four passengers with style to spare. The entire outside will be blacked out with a little bit of bronze accent, making the Vossen HF-8 wheels pop. C7 Corvette door poppers will make entering the vehicle smooth while also keeping the sides of the vehicle looking clean.

Underneath the car is a custom Art Morrison chassis with airbags to get the whole thing sitting low. Pushing that chassis around is a Chevrolet Performance LT4. All around the engine will be custom sheetmetal to make the engine bay look as slick as the exterior.

Once inside, the passengers will be treated to a C7 Corvette-style interior. Corvette seats up front are complemented by a bench fabricated to match their style in the rear.

ACP department heading Feature
Mr. K's Nova title
After 42 Years of Ownership, This Pro Street–Style Chevy Nova SS is Just About Perfect…for Now
BY Cam BentyPhotography by Wes Allison
It’s an age-old story.
High school kid wants a car. Friend introduces kid to car. Deal is made and the car comes home. Forty-two years later the car achieves current “perfection,” with the crowning touch: a celebratory champagne paintjob.
’64 Chevrolet Nova SS
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Pushed to its Limits typographic title in white
1. Vortech Superchargers’ new blower kit is their third-generation update for the Chevy small-block. We like how the kit mounts the blower tight to the block and as low as possible, so it should fit in most engine compartments. Vortech says it is designed to work best with stock or mildly modified 350s, so of course we tested it with a 525hp stroker to give it all it could handle.
We Push Vortech’s New Third-Generation Blower Kit for the Small-Block Chevy to its Limits to Find out Just How Much it can Take



ou’ve probably seen the memes on social media that show a ludicrously gigantic, locomotive-sized blower or turbo mounted up to an engine on some car with a caption that reads something like, “After a week, John decides he needs more power.”

And it’s funny because, by and large, it’s true.

ACP department heading Feature
Pro Longed typography

Steve Hofferber’s Pro Street Chevelle

BY NICK LICATA Photography by John Jackson

hhh, the ’80s; day-glow clothes, synthesized new wave music, freaky sunglasses, leg warmers, Members Only jackets, the Energizer Bunny, and Pro Street muscle cars were all part of the culture, most of which were not to be heard from or seen again. Although, Members Only jackets are apparently back ( starting at $98 on up to $448), the Energizer Bunny is “still going,” and Pro Street muscle cars are making a huge comeback, although some say the movement never went away.

ACP department heading TECH
A Turn In The Right Direction
A Turn in the Right Direction
Power Steering for Tri-Five Chevys

By Ryan Manson Photography by The Author


hen it comes to upgrading and modernizing a classic Chevy, one of the most popular modifications would have to be the addition of a power steering system. An option that’s as old as the automobile, traditional power steering assist didn’t really become a standard option until the early ’60s as technology and vehicle size collided. Premium lines like Lincoln, Cadillac, and Chrysler had offered power steering systems for decades, before the Big Three started offering the option as standard in the lesser, more affordable lines. By the ’70s, steering wheel sizes had decreased and power steering had become almost standard fare.

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LS Chevy engine
SBC/BBC Chevy engine
SB Ford 289-351W
Hood hinges
Air cleaners
Valve covers
Trunk hinges
Taillights and steering wheels
Door jamb vents and door handles
Battery boxes
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'88 Camaro engine
An ’88 Camaro Boosted With 1,000 hp by the Hoonigan Crew
By Fuelish Media

xceeding the four-digit horsepower mark is not an easy task and comes with a feeling of accomplishment that only a small percentage of auto enthusiasts can relate to. However, there is a way to experience that joy by following through with one single shortcut: Installing GM’s ZZ632/Deluxe 1000 straight out of the crate is all you have to do to outfit your vehicle with a whopping 1,000 hp. This thing is a beast, and it is in fact GM’s most powerful crate engine to date. The 632ci 10.3L big-block behemoth is every gearhead’s dream, and the Hoonigan team was able to lay hands on the very first one outside of GM.

ACP department heading TECH
1. Look at the CPP minimum offset disc brake kit for the ’58-64 passenger cars for use with CPP’s 2-inch modular drop spindles (PN 5870WBK-DOUG). Whether it’s a manual- or power-assisted system, this kit comes with everything you’ll need to bolt on and go.
When Every Inch Counts
Offset Fix on the ’58-64 Chevy Chassis

By Jason Lubken Photography by The Author


tance is everything. It’s a tricky subject, too. Suspension isn’t easy on your knuckles and if you get it wrong it’ll drain the bank fast. After you finally dial in your ride height the wheel/tire combo has to jive, too. The right wheel tucked inside the fender with a safe amount of clearance is like fine art.

The nice part is a quick disc brake conversion is small potatoes compared to what most pros have to do. You can expect a fully custom-designed car to sit on a surgically precise wheel and tire package—you even see custom wheeltubs, one-off wheels, you name it. You won’t always get the perfect backspace option on a mass-produced wheel. That’s where Classic Performance Products’ (CPP) minimum offset kit comes in clutch.

ACP department heading Feature
Dave & Connie Gagnon’s ’69 Camaro Terrorizes the Street & Strip
BY Chuck Vranas Photography by THE AUTHOR

he life of a race car starts with an owner’s vision to compete successfully in a particular class at a dragstrip. From there, it’s built to the highest level for optimum performance and safety to prepare for a life of hard-core use. As these cars evolve to squeeze out every ounce of performance, sometimes they change hands to new owners who continue to personalize them, with some even seeing occasional street duty. The immaculate ’69 Camaro SS laid out across these pages, owned by Dave and Connie Gagnon of Bristol, Connecticut, is a perfect example of its breed. There’s something to be said about a high-performance power couple who share seat time in a radical street ’n’ strip terror.

ACP department heading TECH
man working on engine
After The Baang!
After The Baang!
What We Learned After our Small-Block Exploded

By Jeff Smith Photography by The Author


n the real world, things sometimes just go terribly wrong. Like when the engine that you so carefully assembled rewards you by pushing shrapnel pieces out through the oil pan. If there is a silver lining to the dark cloud of oil that just shot out the exhaust, it would be that we learn more from our mistakes and miscues than from success. This episode was not our first exploded engine learning moment and most assuredly won’t be our last.

We had built what was nothing more than a very basic, cast piston, 355ci small-block Chevy that was intended for my ’93 GMC pickup truck to replace its ailing 290,000-mile 305. Originally, we intended to buy a standard GM crate engine. But after discovering that GM no longer offers that two-piece rear main seal crate engine, we decided to build our own.
Frank Ward’s ’72 Camaro
BY Wes TaylorPhotography BY The Author

aterial things come and go in life, but the memories you share with friends last forever. Frank Ward’s ’72 Camaro bounced around his friend group before winding up back in his hands, as he’s loved the second-gen Camaro since his senior year of high school.

Like many car enthusiasts, Frank learned many of his skills at a young age from his father and uncles. He took that knowledge and traveled up the ranks from tire changer to part owner at a local auto shop called Mock Tire & Auto.

ACP department heading EVENT
Gasser Showdown typographic title
Old-School, Heads-Up Drag Racing from the Southeast Gassers Association
By Tommy Lee Byrd Photography BY THE AUTHOR

he ’60s marked an important time in drag racing history, as the “gasser wars” raged at backwoods dragstrips, national events, and match races across the country. Enthusiastic youngsters ran to the fence to watch their local heroes blast down the track. Back then, track prep was non-existent and race tire manufacturers hadn’t perfected compounds or sidewall construction, so the cars were unpredictable. As the years went on, drag cars became more civilized and much faster, but through the process, they lost the excitement that brought people to their feet. Now, more than 50 years later, the Southeast Gassers Association is bringing excitement back to drag racing with old-school, heads-up action.

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