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By Nick Licata
FiTech EFI Go-Spark LS3 coil; Lokar’s throttle assemblies and pedal pads; Vintage Air Cast Front Runner drive system
FiTech EFI Go-Spark LS3 coil
Lokar’s throttle assemblies and pedal pads
Vintage Air Cast Front Runner drive system
1. Go-Spark Coils
FiTech EFI has extended their line of Go-Spark ignition products to include a new LS3 coil upgrade. These new coils will help complete your LS EFI swap or even update your modern muscle car with a fresh jolt of energy. The Go-Spark LS Coils were developed to deliver optimum output with quality fit and reliability. The coils bolt in place of the originals and accept the sealed, locking connector and plug wire terminal for a simple upgrade. They also offer a coil with a built-in LED that flashes when the coil is firing.
For more information, contact FiTech Fuel Injection by calling (951) 340-2624 or visit
2. Restomod Pedal Pads
Lokar’s new RestoMod series of throttle assemblies and pedal pads are the perfect addition for ’50s-’70s muscle cars. Styling cues from the OEM versions keep it clean and simple, while modern touches give them a contemporary look. Machined from aluminum, the throttle assemblies are a direct fit for most popular applications and are available in brushed- or black-anodized finishes. E-brake and dimmer switch covers are also available to complete the look.
For more information, contact Lokar by calling (877) 469-7440 or visit
3. Compact Drive System
Vintage Air announces the release of its all-new Cast Front Runner drive system for GM LT1 and LS engines. The new Cast Front Runner provides a simple and more compact solution for mounting front drive accessories to LT1 and LS engine–equipped vehicles. This system is the shortest and most compact front-drive system available, which provides more package space for electric fan modules and accessories. Additionally, the low-profile casting clears OEM and most aftermarket throttle bodies without a wedge spacer and are available in power steering or non-power steering configurations and several finish options.
For more information, contact Vintage Air by calling (800) 862-6658 or visit
Speedway Motors leaf spring pads; Granatelli Motor Sports 12-Volt Electric Vacuum Pump Kit; PPG 2.1 Low VOC Matte and Semi-Gloss Clearcoats
Speedway Motors leaf spring pads
Granatelli Motor Sports 12-Volt Electric Vacuum Pump Kit
PPG 2.1 Low VOC Matte and Semi-Gloss Clearcoats
4. Adjustable Leaf Spring Pads
Speedway Motors leaf spring pads start as ¼-inch plate steel that are laser cut and CNC-machined to fit your 3-inch-diameter axle tubes and work with both stock and aftermarket leaf spring U-bolts. They ship as bare steel components, so there is no paint or powdercoating to remove for welding. The rear axle spring perches feature a slotted leaf spring center bolt pin pocket that is machined to accept the included offset key inserts requiring no welding of the insert to the pad. The kit includes a pair of leaf spring pads and a pair of each key insert for 0-inch offset, 1/8 -inch offset, or ¼-inch offset and are reversible.
For more information, contact Speedway Motors by calling (800) 979-0122 or visit
5. Get Pumped
New for 2021 is the Granatelli Motor Sports 12-Volt Electric Vacuum Pump Kit. The Granatelli design utilizes a rotary vein-style pump with an enlarged diaphragm to ensure maximum suction while remaining quiet and vibration-free. Utilizing an MAVP (manifold absolute vacuum pressure) sensor, it eliminates the need for old-school vacuum switches and relays. It comes in four standard configurations: bare (no outer shell), black, chrome, or gunmetal gray ABS plastic outer shell. It also comes with 5 feet of 3/8 -inch supporting vacuum hose, proper wiring harnesses, and vibration dampeners all while maintaining a common mounting hole configuration.
For more information, contact Granatelli Motor Sports by calling (805) 486-6644 or visit
6. Low Gloss Clearcoat
PPG recently announced the launch of its 2.1 Low VOC Matte and Semi-Gloss Clearcoats for use with the Envirobase High Performance basecoat system in the United States and Canada. Comprised of two premium-quality 2K acrylic urethane clears, the system can reproduce a range of gloss levels—making it ideal for performing refinish repairs on low-gloss finishes. EC5515 Low VOC Matte Clear and EC5517 Low VOC Semi-Gloss Clear offer the versatility of being used alone or mixed together to more precisely reproduce the OE finish, especially when adjustments are needed to match a range of gloss levels. Mixing formulas are available before topcoating in five gloss levels: flat, matte, eggshell, satin, and semigloss.
For more information, contact PPG by calling (800) 647-6050 or visit