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By Nick Licata
Harbor Freight Tools 34-inch, full-bank service carts in various colors; PerTronix’s 510C Digital HP ignition box; Optima’s YellowTop DH7 battery
Harbor Freight Tools 34-inch, full-bank service carts in various colors
PerTronix’s 510C Digital HP ignition box
Optima’s YellowTop DH7 battery
1. Rolling Storage
Harbor Freight Tools has added to the popular U.S. General Tool storage line with a new 34-inch, full-bank service cart that provides 18,700 ci of storage space. Combining the storage capacity of a roll cabinet with the easy mobility of a tool cart, the new full bank service cart can keep all your most commonly used tools within arm’s reach anywhere in your shop. Built for maneuverability, the cart features four swivel casters and chemical-resistant 5-inch soft tread wheels. The cart is available in red, black, orange, yellow, blue, and green.
For more information, visit Harbor Freight Tools at
2. Power Package
PerTronix’s 510C Digital HP ignition box delivers 172 mJ of Spark Energy and features an integrated three-step digital rev limiter delivering multiple spark all the way to redline. Key features also include an rpm-triggered output, adjustable start retard, locking automotive connector, tachometer output lead, and onboard error logging. PerTronix’s Flame Thrower III coils allow larger spark plug gap for added power, smoother response, and improved fuel economy. This is a great power combination in one package.
For more information, contact PerTronix by calling (909) 599-5955 or visit
3. Start Me Up
Optima’s YellowTop DH7 battery delivers 880 cold cranking amps and much more. It is a deep-cycle/starting AGM battery that combines the cranking power necessary to start your vehicle with the deep-cycle capability that can handle high-amperage electrical and electronic accessories. The YellowTop DH7 is rated for over 300 discharge/recharge cycles and is 15 times more vibration-resistant than the average lead-acid battery. It’s maintenance-free, virtually spillproof, and can be mounted vertically, sideways, and all of the other ways. Optima’s Yellowtop DH7 is available at Summit Racing.
For more information, contact Summit Racing by calling (800) 230-3030 or visit
Wilwood's 2-inch drop ProSpindle; Speedway Motors’ Chevy transmission steel bellhousing; Golden Star Classic Auto Parts’ new 1970-1981 Camaro rear spoilers
Wilwood's 2-inch drop ProSpindle
Speedway Motors’ Chevy transmission steel bellhousing
Golden Star Classic Auto Parts’ new 1970-1981 Camaro rear spoilers
4. ProSpindle
Wilwood has released their new 2-inch drop ProSpindle for the second-generation GM 1970-1981 F-body, 1973-1976 A-body, 1975-1979 X-body, and related B-body cars using Wilwood brakes. The high-strength, cast steel ProSpindle is more rigid than OEM and eliminates the factory sliding caliper mount, allowing multiple Wilwood brake upgrades. The steering arm has also been strengthened for more accurate steering and better handling with modern tires. Wilwood engineered the direct caliper mount to provide a fortified attachment for five new brake kits. Options include rotors ranging from 11.00- to 14.00-inch diameter and four- or six-piston calipers.
For more information, contact Wilwood by calling (805) 388-1188 or visit
5. Beefy Bellhousing
Speedway Motors’ Chevy engine to Chevy transmission steel bellhousing features a small- and big-block Chevy bolt pattern designed to fit Muncie, Saginaw, and non-World Class T5 transmissions. The bellhousing includes a laser-cut, CNC-finished flange for a perfect fit, is non-SFI rated, and is made in the USA.
For more information, contact Speedway Motors by calling (800) 979-0122 or visit
6. Spoiler Alert
Golden Star Classic Auto Parts’ new 1970-1981 Camaro rear spoilers are manufactured to match the original look and design for your classic Camaro with factory original fitment. The quick-and-easy installation saves time and frustration while adding a great look to your classic ride.
For more information, contact Golden Star by calling (972) 315-3758 or visit