Parts Bin
1. Throttle Body Trio
FiTech’s 3×2 throttle body system is a great way to fuel your muscle car. Now you can finish the system with a trio of classic air cleaners. These all-new, D-shaped air cleaners deliver great looks with a high-quality cast-aluminum finned top and sturdy base designed specifically for FiTech’s unique 500-cfm throttle body. The assembly measures 7.125×4.75 inches and only 4 inches tall for added hood clearance. An efficient cotton/gauze element is included to ensure only clean air enters the throttle body.

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2. LS to L79
Lokar’s new GM L79-style intake kit, part of their LS Classic Series line of products for Chevrolet LS engines, emulates the look of a classic L79 engine found in ’60s Chevelles and GTOs. This kit gives you everything you need to adapt a GM 92mm throttle body and vintage carb-style intake manifold to your LS engine. The intake kit includes a single-plane aluminum intake manifold, billet aluminum fuel rails, chrome dual-snorkel air cleaner, 4150 carb adapter plate, all mounting hardware, and gaskets.

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3. Small-Block Intake
Summit Racing’s cast-aluminum dual plane manifolds feature a runner design that delivers improved power from idle to 5,500 rpm right smack in the powerband most street engines operate. They accept squarebore-type four-barrel carburetors and are available for ’55-86 small-block Chevys, ’87-95 small-block Chevys with TBI, and ’96-02 small-block Chevys with Vortec heads in your choice of natural, black powdercoated, or polished finishes.

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4. Wastegate Heat Shield, 5. Slick Accessories, 6. Totally Tubular
4. Wastegate Heat Shield
5. Slick Accessories
6. Totally Tubular
4. Wastegate Heat Shield
DEI’s Wastegate Heat Shield features high-tech composite materials with superior thermal insulating properties to help turbos run as efficiently as possible. Thermal protection starts with a Titanium LR Technology outer layer encasing multiple stainless steel and silica inner layers. Stainless mesh and thread ensure durability even on the hottest engines, while stainless wire and true riveted tie-downs allow for a secure, simple installation. The DEI Wastegate Heat Shield is lightweight for high-performance applications, controlling extreme heat for improved turbo system efficiency and function.

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5. Slick Accessories
Putting a new engine in an older car or truck, or installing a new front clip, can often present lubrication issues. Chances are that Aviaid can provide a solution to the problem. Aviaid manufactures a comprehensive assortment of wet sump and dry-sump oil pumps, oil pans, tanks, and accessories—not to mention over 40 dedicated and universal mounting brackets and pump drives. Systems are available for Chevy LS/LT, big- and small-block, and a wide variety of other brands.

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6. Lower Control Arms
Strengthen your suspension and improve handling with these tubular lower control arms for your ’64-72 Chevelle from Performance Online. Manufactured from 1.625 OD DOM tubing, these control arms are specifically designed to run with coilover shocks and offer added geometry to make your ride perform at its best. The ball joint area is greatly strengthened to eliminate the problems found with the OEM factory units and have been re-positioned to help knock out binding.

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