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or the past 10 or so years I’ve been hearing the phrase “print is dead.” Now, I’ve been in the magazine publishing biz for the past 20-or-so years and today I can tell you print is not dead–it’s not on a respirator or even its “last leg.” Yes, I’ve been editor of a couple magazines that have met a painful (to me, anyway) demise, but I, and many others involved, saw the killing of those magazines as premature. Most were staples of our industry and continued to show profit but still suffered the ultimate sacrifice due to the company moving in a different direction. Now, I’m not going to pretend print is as popular as it was back in the ’70s or anytime prior to the Internet age, but I firmly believe there is still an audience for print—those who prefer to hold a tangible magazine in their hands and flip actual pages, you know like in the “olden days.”

Although the Internet and social media are important platforms that combined with print contribute to the success of the magazine publishing industry, there are still many of us who aren’t quite ready to get our hot rod and muscle car fix exclusively in digital format.

When we here at In The Garage Media started this venture, the business plan was to offer digital-only versions of our magazines. But readers and advertisers spoke up–they wanted old-school print versions of our magazines. Thankfully we listened. From day one print outsold the digital by a long shot. And that trend continues today.

I believe automotive mags are actually making a resurgence similar to vinyl records becoming more popular than CDs over the past few years. When you drop the needle on vinyl, the music just sounds richer and fuller than listening to music through a streaming service or CD. The sound quality just isn’t there. On top of that, you can keep that record for as long as you choose, and at some point it might even become collectible. Similarly, readers of print can enjoy the fact that they have something physical to add to their collection, and can easily take another look at the beautifully photographed car features without having to log in or onto anything. If you’ve ever read an interesting article online and forgot to bookmark it, there’s a good chance it will take more time than you want to spend to find that article again.

So, as many publications became extinct or threatened by extinction, the readers of car magazines made it clear they weren’t going to let that happen to their beloved mags, and we at All Chevy Performance are thankful you stepped up and subscribed–you made it clear that print is where it’s at. You also proved that a magazine printed on high-quality paper where gorgeous car features look as amazing as they were intended and technical articles that are as visually comprehensive as the words on the page, make it worth every bit of the cover price.

So, as we finish up this young publication’s sixth issue, we are excited to announce that you readers who have a hard time committing to a yearlong subscription can now purchase single-copy issues on our website at

You in?.

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For you digital magazine fans, the Jan. ’21 and all issues of All Chevy Performance magazines are now available on Zinio.
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