Parts Bin
1. Classically Modern
Lokar’s new GM fullsize-style intake kit emulates the look of a classic V-8 engine found in a GM fullsize car. The LS Classic Series intake kit includes everything you’ll need to adapt a GM 92mm throttle body and vintage carb-style intake manifold to your LS engine. The system is designed to utilize GM LS3 OEM fuel injectors and GM four-bolt, 92mm, drive-by-wire throttle bodies (not included) and are compatible with GM and aftermarket ECUs and harnesses that support both drive-by-wire and speed density tuning. LS Classic Series products are designed to give your LS engine the look of the classic Chevys of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s while utilizing modern LS3 components.

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2. BILLET X Master
Brake lines going to the master cylinder are a must. However, they should never appear like an afterthought or ruin the overall look of the engine compartment. With Master Power Brakes’ BILLET X Master Cylinder you can run the lines to the bottom of the master cylinder for a clean, finished look. In addition, it’s a modular design and comes in different line and finish options.

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3. New stuff for Old Air
Old Air Products introduces their new Deluxe POA Valve Update Kit. This unique kit maintains an original appearance with a custom-machined billet aluminum assembly to replace the original valve that will connect to the original oil bleed line and equalizer tube from the expansion valve. The kit includes 134a and R12 service ports, preset thermostat, and wire harness to convert the factory A/C unit to a cycling clutch–type system. Fits many ’65-73 GM vehicle applications.

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Scott's Hotrods 'N Customs CNC-machined billet aluminum Exhaust Hangers; Speedway Motors new short SBC Water Pump; PerTronix Performance Brands Seal-4-Good flange gaskets
Scott's Hotrods 'N Customs CNC-machined billet aluminum Exhaust Hangers
Speedway Motors new short SBC Water Pump
PerTronix Performance Brands Seal-4-Good flange gaskets
4. Hang Tight
Scott’s Hotrods ’N Customs is helping you step up your exhaust system to the next level with their CNC-machined billet aluminum Exhaust Hangers available to fit 2.5- or 3-inch tubing. These hangers are available with a flat- or coped-mount to fit different applications. Each exhaust hanger features a hi-temp silicone bushing for vibration dampening.

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5. Get Pumped
Designed for street applications, Speedway Motors’ new short SBC Water Pump distributes equal flow to both sides of the engine block for faster heat dissipation. It features a heavy-duty, short-style T6 aluminum casting with ¾-inch ultra-duty bearings with a 5/8-inch fan pilot. Impeller with curved vanes maximizes flow and pressure, and their unique seal assembly prevents leaks. The SBC water pump weighs only 6 pounds and is not for use on engines exceeding 5,500 rpm.

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6. Conforming Flange
The Seal-4-Good product line is a staple in the industry when it comes to automotive header flange and collector gaskets. Seal-4-Good flange gaskets offer you a reusable blow-proof gasket at an affordable price. The multi-layered “dead soft” aluminum is malleable and conforms to your flange again and again. Seal-4-Good reusable flange gaskets can also be easily and precisely be port matched for uninterrupted flow.

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