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LS-Swapped ’71 Camaro
Fuel System Upgrade
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Six Combos Hit the Dyno
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Small-Block Stroker
Build Part 1
LS-Swapped ’71 Camaro Fuel System Upgrade
Holley LS Intake Manifold Showdown
Six Combos Hit the Dyno
Back to Basics
Small-Block Stroker
Build Part 1
Trick Hydraulic Clutch Release
April 2023
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Make It Yours. Make It Lokar. Modern Performance. Classic Style. Endless Options.
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ACP April 2023 cover
On the Cover
Bo Juniel’s ’67 Chevelle easily passes the eye test while surpassing the cool factor by incorporating a 682hp, 510ci mill under the hood. Check out the full feature and story starting on page 18.
Photos by Wes Allison
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Bo Juniel’s ’67 Pro Touring Chevelle
Mike Fisher’s ’67 Camaro
Dave Timm’s ’68 Nova
John Koch’s ’65 Chevelle Malibu SS
Mike Pugliese’s ’62 Biscayne
We Test Multiple Holley LS Intake Manifolds on the Dyno to Find Out What Works Best for Your Application
A New Idea for Hydraulic Clutch Release That Will Soon Become the Only Way
What to Know When Turning a Chevy 350 Into a Stroker With Off-the-Shelf Parts
Updating a Second-Gen Camaro Fuel System for LS Power
Jerry Dixey Builds a Station Wagon for the Long Haul
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A square portrait photograph of Nick Licata posing for a picture with his arms crossed


street takeover not worth the risk title image

’m sure you’ve all seen them—videos of street takeovers where inexperienced drivers do their best drifting imitation in what are normally busy intersections in big cities all across America. All this leads me to ask the question: What the hell are these kids thinking?

I’m not only talking about the ones in the car driving as much as I am the ones doing whatever it takes to boost their TikTok/Instagram numbers by getting as close to the action as possible to get “the shot.”

I’ll address the ones hanging most of their limbs out of the car windows or open doors in a minute. But I want to go back to the kids risking serious injury and putting their lives at risk by getting as close to the action as possible by trusting someone who has little or no experience spinning out-of-control donuts. Seriously? Is putting yourself in harm’s way and trusting someone you have no business trusting worth boosting your social media? It can’t possibly be.

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Nostalgic Rollers, Billet Bezels, Oled Displays
Halibrand Sprint wheels are back in production and available to fit most muscle cars and street rods. These 15-inch wheels are available in several widths, from 4.5 to 10 inches wide with most common backspacing options. Choose from Anthracite finish with a machined outer lip or a fully polished finish. The machine-polished finish is raw, allowing additional polishing to a show car quality finish. Add that classic nostalgic Halibrand style to your muscle car or street rod.

For more information, contact Holley by calling (886) 464-6553 or visit

ACP White typography CHEVY CONCEPTS
concept illustration of '55 chevy sedan

Text & Rendering by Tavis Highlander

G-Body Monte Carlo SS text
Vehicle Build: By Alvey’s Bodyworx, Louisville, KY

hanks to air suspension, this custom ’55 sedan delivery is going to sit really low. The wheels tucking up into the fenders are Schott Venoms with tri-bar knockoffs. A cleaned-up body with tight tucked bumpers will show off the gloss black paint. Blue line tires finish off the look and tie into the dominant interior color.

The interior is where I spent much of my time as a designer on this project. Coming up with flowing lines was paramount to the builder and owner. In the end, the seats and all panels follow the theme of a narrow suede inset with a small group of perpendicular accent seams. A little bit of polished trim breaks up the almost-all blue interior.

ACP department heading Feature
Chevelle Dreams title
One Man’s Passion Turns Into His Drive to Build the Ultimate ’67 Chevelle
BY Cam BentyPhotography by Wes Allison

t can start in an instant and last a lifetime. You’re driving with your folks or riding in a school bus and a cool car rumbles by. Stopped at a red light, you press you nose against the glass for a few fleeting moments of visual and audible contact only to see that cool shape slide away, probably never to be seen again. Regardless, you are never the same.

For Bo Juniel that irreversible change came courtesy of a ’66 Chevelle that was parked near his home in the Antelope Valley, north of Los Angeles. The classic GM A-body shape was to cut an indelible pattern into his memory, building up like the layers of dust that would grow to envelop the cool Chevy over the years.

silver '67 Chevelle
ACP department heading Tech

Exam Time!
1. Time is money, so it’s not too often we get to spend two days on the engine dyno just testing. So, when our friends at Prestige Motorsports invited us to take part in a thorough test of Holley intake manifolds on a big-inch LS3 we were definitely on board.
We Test Multiple Holley LS Intake Manifolds on the Dyno to Find Out What Works Best for Your Application

BY Jeff Huneycutt Photography by The Author


he great things about the LS engine are the aftermarket has fully embraced it as a performance engine and there are tons of options for your next build.

The bad things about the LS engine are the aftermarket has fully embraced it as a performance engine and it can be frustratingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to determining the best components for your next build.

ACP department heading Feature

BY Nick Licata Photography by John Jackson
Humble typography
Beginnings typography
Mike Fisher’s ’67 Camaro
“Originally, I intended to just take the car in for an LS swap,” Mike Fisher, owner of this remarkable ’67 Camaro, confesses. “After spending some time with Jeremy Miranda at the Miranda Built shop in Boynton Beach, Florida, and seeing what he and his team were capable of, the LS swap turned into a full-on redo–a total ground-up restoration with tons of one-off custom nuances.”

This occurrence is not unheard of with car owners looking to do some minor upgrades; although every situation is unique and outcomes vary, Mike’s ’67 Camaro is now an absolute gem.

three quarter passenger side view of the black '67 Camaro parked near a white factory building
ACP department heading TECH

BY Jeff Smith Photography by The Author

foot on hydraulics



echnology has a habit of eventually making a process so simple and easy that it’s hard to deny. Car guys tend to be traditionalists– you know, the types who say, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” But then a really favorable process like a hydraulic clutch release system comes along on new cars and the gradual conversion process begins.

Anyone who rows his own shifts with a manual transmission knows all about the issues with mechanical clutch linkage. While the system works, it’s often clumsy and awkward and fitting headers round that z-bar can be problematic. Hydraulic clutch release systems are complex in their own right, but the small hydraulic line down to the hydraulic release bearing eliminates all that mechanical monkey motion.

ACP department heading Feature

Side Hustle title

Dave Timm’s Homebuilt ’68 Nova

BY Nick Licata Photography by John Jackson


ave Timm has been around cars for as long as he can remember. Working in a car audio shop during his late teens exposed him to the custom car world. That’s when he caught the bug—or as his wife, Andrea, refers to it as an “addiction.”

“I built my first car in 1996. It was a Dodge Neon and knowing nothing about cars I decided to supercharge it. I believe I was the first person in the world to supercharge a Dodge Neon,” Dave laughs.

Black '68 Nova
ACP department heading TECH
My First 383 Part 1: The Short-Block
By Taylor Kempkes Photography by The Author

n a world of twin-turbo LSX engines making upwards of 1,200 hp, we might come across as a bit antiquated—who’s even building smallblock Chevys anymore? Scrolling through Instagram and catching up on the latest SEMA builds, you’d be forgiven for forgetting the good ol’ 383ci Chevy. But scroll through your favorite online hot rod parts store like Speedway Motors and you quickly realize the humble small-block is far from dead. With the wide variety of complete rotating assemblies, top-end kits, and engine dress-up kits available on, it’s never been easier to build your own stroker engine at home.

ACP department heading Feature
"The World's Fairest"
This Day Two Resto ’65 Chevelle Has Lived its Life on the Streets of New York City
BY Scotty Lachenauer Photography by THE AUTHOR

ack in 1977 John Koch was 17 and working his way to purchasing his first car: a ’69 GTO with a 400ci powerplant, 400 trans, and a pair of Hush Thrush mufflers that ended behind the driver seat. It sat high and level with the look and sound John wanted.

Scenes from American Graffiti were playing out daily on the streets of John’s hometown of Whitestone Queens where kids cruised Francis Lewis Boulevard and raced stoplight to stoplight just for the thrill of it. The serious racers would head off to the connecting highway, a stretch of roadway that connected the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway to the Grand Central Parkway for quarter-mile showdowns. It was there that races for cash played out on a regular basis and spectators flocked to overpasses to check out the muscle car battles.

Mist Blue Metallic '65 Chevelle with front bumper delete
ACP department heading TECH
LS Swap Big Block

Updating A Second-Gen Camaro Fuel System For LS Power

BY Chuck Vranas Photography by The Author

ushing fuel is serious business. Regardless of whether you’re feeding a stock mill or looking to install a hopped-up LS packed with plenty of go-fast goods to make it breathe fire, having the right fuel system to handle the job is of the utmost importance. If you plan on running carburetion or fuel injection enhanced by turbos or a supercharger, it will add even more demands to the delivery process. It takes careful planning to supply the perfect balance of fuel to meet the needs of today’s high-performance engines, with each application having specific needs to reach its goals.

ACP department heading Feature
bowtie build-off title

Fabricator Steps Away From Two-Wheelers to Build a Killer Bubbletop

BY Scotty Lachenauer  Photography by The Author


few years back, Mike Pugliese of Staten Island, New York, was picked to be a participant on television’s reality series Biker Build-Off. “I had been building motorcycles since I was a teenager here in New York, but I wasn’t really known outside my area. Then they picked me for the show,” Mike states. “I was the only guy who didn’t do this full time. I just worked out of my garage.”

Well, that didn’t stop this two-wheel wizard from picking up a big win on national television. “Going up against all these famous and amazing bike fabricators was a very cool experience. I had a great time and learned a lot about myself and the business,” Mike points out. “I was grateful for the chance to show my work to the Biker Build-Off audience.”

red ’62 Biscayne
ACP department heading TECH

1. Jerry Dixey wanted a vehicle that was both practical for traveling around the country and had classic good looks; he got both with this ’57 Chevrolet station wagon.

A Station Wagon Built for the Long Haul
By Ron Ceridono with Jerry Dixey Photography by Dana Srbinovich & Jerry Dixey

lmost everyone who grew up in the ’50s can relate to a station wagon; it was the minivan of the era. Jerry Dixey spent a large portion of his early years in his parents’ station wagon, doing everything from going to the drive-in to taking family vacations. Station wagons were true utilitarian vehicles back then and they make cool cruisers today, as we’re about to prove.

Over the past 25 years Dixey has traveled many miles in state-of-the-art hot rods leading road tours all over the country, first as a magazine staffer and now on his own (see Jerry Dixey’s Road Tourians Facebook page or visit Some time ago Dixey decided a station wagon would be the perfect mode of transportation for his weeklong road trips and, as luck would have it, a friend spotted a ’57 Chevy four-door wagon that was available at the NSRA Nationals. Most of the expensive things already done—the body and paint were fine, the glass was new, a nice 283ci Chevy was underhood bolted to a good automatic transmission. Best of all, the owner was looking to sell or trade. After some negotiating, Dixey was down a ’27 T roadster and a few bucks and up a station wagon.

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