Parts Bin
 BY Nick Licata

1. Gated Shifter; 2. Go-Fuel Hose Kit; 3. Third Member
two Clayton Machine Works gated shifters
Fitech Go-Fuel hose kit pieces laid out
Speedway Motor's third member
1. Gated Shifter
Clayton Machine Works’ gated shifter for automatic transmissions allows for virtually any shifter lever and knob combination. The gated, side-detent feature eliminates the need for a shifter button, making gear selection as easy as a flick of the wrist. Each shifter features a neutral safety switch; the shifters are available as complete assemblies (with lever and knob) or can be purchased separately to work with aftermarket levers that have a 7/8-inch bolt spacing mounting scheme such as TREMEC-style shifter levers. All mounting hardware is included.
Clayton Machine Works
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2. Go-Fuel Hose Kit
Whether you’re plumbing a fuel system for use with a carburetor or updating to a fuel injection system, FiTech’s new Stainless Braided Fuel Line Kits will help you get the job done right.

The stainless steel braided line, available in natural and black, is chemical-resistant for long life and great looks. The rubber internal hose material is engineered for use with pump gas, methanol, ethanol, or alcohol fuels. To complement the fuel lines, 12 -6 fittings are supplied along with a serviceable 10-micron fitting and check valve. Each kit includes 20 or 40 feet of braided hose with 12 -6 AN fittings, including three 90-degree, three 45-degree, and six straight fittings, along with a 10-micron fuel filter and inline check valve.

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3. Third Member
Hand-assembled by trained experts in-house, Speedway Motors Ford 9-inch third members are built from quality components with an exact step-by-step process. Each centersection carrier starts with a new casting with over 4 pounds of additional material in critical areas. To ensure a proper gear pattern, Speedway uses a stronger “Daytona”-style pinion bearing support to maintain that critical pinion depth setting. This clutch-style posi differential gives you maximum traction. Based on the original limited-slip designs of the OEMs, these differential units provide the added benefits of experience over millions of miles and decades of proven reliability.
Speedway Motors
(800) 979-0122
4. Amped Up; 5. Strap Strength; 6. A-Body G-Machine Chassis
Powermaster's Hairpin Replacement Alternator
Strange Engineering's billet U-bolt strap kit
Schwartz Performance A-body wagon
4. Amped Up
Powermaster’s powerful new Hairpin Replacement (HPR) Alternators produce over 195 amps at idle and 245-plus amps at top end—the highest output of any direct-fit, late-model alternator. The alternators are ideal to upgrade a factory hairpin-style alternator and are available for a sweeping assortment of late-model Chevy drivetrains and front drive systems. Each new Powermaster HPR Alternator is engineered to bolt into the factory mounts and accepts the OEM connectors.

They use a factory diameter pulley so you can retain the OEM belt and ensure the alternator isn’t being overdriven. Powermaster even supplies a clutch or decoupler-style pulley if the original application called for one.

Powermaster Performance
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5. Strap Strength
Strange Engineering continues to evolve its product line to meet the needs of today’s racers by introducing the new billet U-bolt strap kit. The chromoly steel straps, ETD-150 steel studs, and ARP thread-locking nuts offer a 90 percent strength increase and superior reliability when compared to OEM-style U-bolts. The consistent clamping force and 360-degree support of the U-joint cap increase U-joint life by reducing operating temperature and eliminating the potential of over-torquing the bearing journal, resulting in needle bearing damage. The 1610HD U-bolt straps are designed to work with the full line of Strange Engineering chromoly 1350-series pinion yokes.
Strange Engineering
(800) 646-7618
6. A-Body G-Machine Chassis
Until just a few years ago, station wagons were made to haul kids and El Caminos were used to chase parts. Today, the GM A-body wagons and Elcos are being built to cruise and haul butt! Schwartz Performance announces an all-new G-Machine chassis formed with a pair of heavy-duty, mandrel-bent rectangular steel main framerails that will roll right in place of the stock frame lining up directly to the factory body mount locations. The updated front suspension includes needle bearing–supported A-arms. A power steering rack and splined sway bars with billet arms are provided as standard equipment. The rear suspension consists of a triangulated four-bar system with bind-free, Teflon-lined spherical rod ends coupled to a full-floating Moser 9-inch rearend.
Schwartz Performance
(815) 206-2230